Details About the Dad-To-Be.

Who am I? You can call me Joshua or Josh; either works. I’m a 35 (August 2nd) year old ‘kid at heart’ who enjoys just about every aspect of life itself. I’m a man of God whom constantly chases after a more meaningful relationship with Christ Jesus while I ‘carry my cross daily’. 

This blog revolves around the 9-month journey of my pregnant wife (Melissa) whom is due March 14, 2012. I use the pages and arena of tumblr to share the details of her pregnancy along with 100’s of my own personal thoughts. 

Once jellybean acquires the name we have prepared for her at birth, I’ll continue this blog as a journal of sorts of the newly extended Galla family.

I’m an outgoing, generally happy, individual whom usually has a smile upon his face. I enjoy sports, nature, driving, working with youth, poetry, theatre arts, writing, music, most forms of media and technology and daily life. Want to know more, just ask! 

In December 2011, I just graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree, as I’ll be teaching in an elementary school environment sometime soon. Also, I’m a youth leader of individuals from middle school through the early stages of life as a young adult. 

If you ever need a respectable pair of ears… a shoulder to lean upon… or some solid advice; I’d be more than willing to offer my time for you.

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