Four days remain… 

It’s hard not to think about it when 1) I do keep this blog active nightly by choice 2) so many friends around us (whom were due within a week before/after us) have delivered their babies 3) Melissa and I know of some friends whom had to deal with tragedy this week. 

This is seriously one week that just needs to be on fast forward. Then again, my anxious attitude is that just of a soon-to-be dad totally in love with the fact of being a dad. Children have been a part of my life since the age of 15, as I’ve worked in one after another profession influencing our younger generations. So, I’m built for this! 

Melissa had to repack her hospital bag and jellybean’s diaper bag tonight due to Spring arriving a week or so early. Now, she (and jellybean) will be better dressed for the weather forecasted for this weekend sitting at 70+ degrees. At least it’s updated and replaced in her vehicle with the car seat/base. :)

So anxious for Wednesday’s appointment and then Thursdays’ evening visit/stay at Chambersburg Hospital. Won’t be long now…

Only 10% of ALL pregnant individuals go 42 weeks into their pregnancy. Since the stats sit at like one baby born every five seconds… That’s not a huge number. Guess Melissa is special even in pregnancy.  :) 

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