Just the Facts, Ma’am!

I’m not sure how I exactly feel, personally, about Melissa having to be induced beginning tomorrow evening. I’m sure with her actually the individual affected by being induced instead of labor arriving naturally - she’s much more apprehensive! 

I have thought of several positives for her to not have to worry with natural labor…

— no embarrassing and random ‘water breaking’ in a public place or at a family’s residence

— no speeding tickets for rushing Melissa to the hospital 30-minutes away because her water has broke or due to close contractions

— A little more stability in knowing when the labor proceedings will happen instead of the constant worry that it could happen at any time

— The ability to relax tomorrow evening at the hospital with getting settled in… unpacking… and easing into everything

— Having the vehicle completely ready… packed… ‘gassed up’ and ready to go. All bags properly packed and the car seat / infant carrier ready to go

— preparing immediate family on both sides for labor to begin

On the flip side of things… it’s always interesting to experience the unknown. Like, what would it feel like to suddenly have to drop everything and rush your wife off to the hospital ‘Hollywood’ style. Then again, some things are more enjoyable when watched from a distance and a different point of view.  :)

I won’t mention the numerous negatives or precautions of being induced as Melissa and I have been over them countless times and we’re well informed (and more importantly prayed up). God’s got this and by faith… we shall follow without fear of the unknown. :)

So, it’s nice to have that positive outlook and take on the optimist side for a moment. Yeah, the happenings of the next 48 hours are going to be a whirlwind, scary and emotional but a beautiful baby girl will be resting within my arms when it’s all said and done. To experience such, I’d go through just about anything. 

So, bring it! I’m ready!!

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