This is when the count down begins to get interesting. We’re ‘used’ to counting down from 10. However, I believe this is going to be one of the slowest expiration of 10 simple numbers I’ll ever have to endure!

I’ve had friends, lately, whom have had their newborn born at 36 weeks… at 39 weeks… and a few whom were induced their 40th week. So yeah, everybody’s newborn is arriving which has only built anticipating for jellybean to arrive! 

Single digits tomorrow. Thankful that time has expired quickly for a change, as it seems like Melissa and I were just staring at the three positive pregnancy tests back in August. Nine months later, here we are. :)

Melissa has given it to you… our OB office has given it to you… the notice of eviction has been served! So jellybean, time for mommy and daddy to welcome you into our lives. <3


Coming Soon…

To this point - 10 days from the birth of my daughter - this blog has been reserved for strictly posts and thoughts related to Melissa, her pregnancy, and everything that revolved around the pregnancy. 

I haven’t reblogged, but no more than I can count on one hand. I haven’t truly shared about my personal life. It’s basically been all pregnancy, all the time. :) That is soon to change. 

One reason was I plan to have this blog compiled and printed after jellybean is born and converted into a keepsake for her. With this being our little miracle child, I know the pregnancy journey will be treasured and remembered with many smiles. Therefore, to have something quite detailed and personal from the journey; well… is pretty groovy! 

Once jellybean is born, this blog will not cease to exist. Actually, this blog will grow and mature by the side of our newborn daughter and begin to reveal the in’s and out’s of the Galla household; family edition. :)

I’ll begin to reveal personal thoughts… use blog writing as a means of venting and sharing… and continue to provide constant updates and photos of our beautiful daughter. 

For me, blogging is an out. It’s my own manner of venting. When I write, I escape. I get lost in the words. I guess it’s sort of weird that I don’t enjoy reading books more due to these truths. I pour myself onto the screen why I type allowing my emotions to hang out. You can definitely learn a great deal from my style of writing. 

Many requests have flooding my inbox asking if I was going to continue this blog after jellybean is born. Of course I am. I’ve sort of made tumblr a home and not just a vacation spot. I’ve learned I’ve touched a heart or two and that alone inspires me to continue doing what I do. 

So, there ya have it. After our hospital stay and return home, you’ll see teddybeardaddy blog ver. 2.0 remixed. Coming soon to a screen near you. 


Dear Jellybean - #8

Dear daughter of mine. 

The doctors tell us you should arrive into mommy and daddy’s arms of comfort and love by March 14th - 11 days from now (give or take a few). 

Those same doctors have advised us that you’ve dropped down into the birthing position ready to enter the world in one of the safer positions. We’re so proud of you for growing… maturing… and waiting to enter our world until you’ve developed fully and have been deemed quite healthy. Thank you for taking your time… being patient… and helping provide mommy and daddy with a level of patience they never thought possible. 

We’re quite eager to meet you, jellybean. We have a perfect name handpicked by each of us and given by our loving Father; Creator of us all. Your family and everybody we know is quite anxious to learn of such a name. However, you must begin the birthing process for that to happen. Therefore, anytime you’re ready… so are we! 

Everything is in order at your mommy’s work. Daddy has been steadily working now and able to provide. Your nursery is completely furnished. Both of your modes of transportation are capable of housing your car seat with safety and care. Each side of our families are flooding us with ‘is she here yet’ type of conversations. Everything has been carefully prepared with love for your arrival, jellybean. So, whenever God is ready to release you to us… and you’ve grown to where you feel comfortable… we’re ready. 

Mommy and daddy have already fallen completely in love with you before you even take your first breath. Our hearts have been filled with an overwhelming amount of joy as we glance into the future of the three of us joined as family. You are perfect in every aspect possible, sweetheart. We are ready to raise you as our beautiful daughter… protected like the princess you are!

We shall be patient and we shall await idle for your arrival. Thank you for the strong kicks the last few days ensuring us of your presence… health… and amazement. We love you with all our hearts.




Hilarious video about pregnancy… men… and hormones.  :)


What a testimony, engaging in a triathlon is, to the strength and endurance of the human body. Yet today many women worry about their bodies giving birth to a baby-a normal physiological function for which we were specifically designed- even without our participation in any type of voluntary advance training for labor. Both the triathlon and giving birth involve intense physical effort and a certain degree of pain once the event begins. But when we give birth, what a reward awaits us!”

Debra Evans, excerpt from The Christian Woman’s Guide to Childbirth


Yesterday was one of those super duper long days which put me at an elementary school and at Target for all but a few hours of the day. By the time I arrived home… no blogging would had been possible. So, you get a double dose again. :)

Twelve days remain. I don’t know, but the number just makes me happy and always brings me back to thinking about my favorite holiday - Christmas.  

Not a whole lot to report from yesterday. Melissa was uncomfortable and realized she’s nine months pregnant as she tried to clean and go into ‘nesting mode’ a bit more while I was at work. I think her number of breaks outweighed the number of minutes she was productive. I love my wife though and of course I’ll give her a break being ‘with child’ and all.  haha


So today, eleven days remain. However, Melissa tells me from how her body feels and is communicating within… shouldn’t be more than 2-3 days. Only time will portray such a picture. :)  

We did get an Easter dress set aside that we didn’t even realize we received at our baby shower! I bought some of the cutest white sandals to match for $5 last week. Aslo, she received some tights as a gift too which we’ll use. Add an adorable headband and baby girl is going to look even MORE adorable at church that Sunday. 

After going through various checklist from registries and such… I realize that we do possess just about everything they apply as a ‘must have’ before your baby arrives. A rocker would be nice…. but unnecessary. We are quite prepared for her arrival.

Melissa has had a few contractions this morning, but nothing to rectify being closer to birth. However, last night jellybean gave Melissa some HARD KICKS as I felt her belly, so it seems like she’s ready to have some more space too?

Found a nice contraction counter app for free for the iPhone. Gotta love apps, as there is one for just about ANY and EVERY thing!


Keystone Women’s Care: Prenatal Visit #12

Today, Melissa had her 12th visit with KWC; her OB/GYN office. Since Melissa will be on maternity leave soon… and we need some $$… and I had the opportunity; I’ve had to regretfully work her last two visits. Now, last week was a quick no-nonsense visit I wasn’t too stressed about missing. However, today’s visit… everything that happened… dag, I wanted to be there! Ah well… responsibility calls.

Her visit was at 10:45 AM… I was teaching 5th graders art at that point at Williamsport Elementary. Texting is a wonderful tool to say the least! I really didn’t quiz her on how long her waiting room time was nor what ridiculous show was on the lobby TV, so no details there. 

Melissa’s blood pressure was 117 over 88. She ended up gaining two more pounds totaling around 14 pounds for the entire pregnancy. Not too shabby. Then, Melissa begun to explain how she’s been having contractions the last few days between 15-30 minutes apart. Some TMI stuff she was a tad concerned about. Also, her basic curiosity of to if she’s changed at all since the last weekly visit. This is when the midwife entered. 

Melissa was seen by the same midwife as last week; Ms. Kim. First things first, Melissa’s belly bump (uterus) measured between 36-37 weeks. She was a tad under, as she was informed jellybean has DROPPED!! That would explain why Melissa has been able to breath a tad easier the last few days. She was hyped to hear of some progression. Jellybean’s heartrate was 141 bpm; still perfectly normal. As Ms. Kim tried feeling, poking, and grasping around Melissa’s bump (causing some interesting pain rushing through her)… she really couldn’t tell (indefinitely) that jellybean was still head down. SO, an ultrasound followed. This was the ONLY TIME I’ve missed an ultrasound and I would had SO WANTED to see her at this stage of her growth. Again, what can a working man do? A tad disappointed, but glad to hear she’s indeed head down and somewhere just over 7 pounds. 

However, Melissa is still only 1 CM dilated. Effaced-wise, I believe she’s around 60%. So, two of the important numbers remained quite similar from a week ago which really shocked Melissa and I as we were FOR SURE she’s a few centimeters along. If she doesn’t show any progression by our week 39 appointment, they want to discuss the possibility of Melissa being induced the following week before jellybean gets too, too big and makes a vaginal delivery difficult given Melissa’s medical situations. Therefore, Melissa and I are hoping our daughter arrives BEFORE next Thursday so inducing is not even a factor. 

A few weeks back, I chose Monday, March 5th. So, we shall see. We’re both just hyped she WAS NOT a leap year baby! 


Week 38 Arrives!

Week 38 arrived yesterday leaving Melissa and I with exactly two weeks until jellybean’s “official” due date of March 14th. I’m one to treasure every waking moment of life; however, I must admit I’m glad God made these last nine months sort of ‘warp speed’ pass. I’m sort of in shock-n-awe that we’re nearly in single digits! How did that happen?

At this point, jellybean is truly solely packing on weight. She’s more than capable of surviving outside of Melissa’s belly bump with no additional medical help. Jellybean has already been served her eviction notice from mommy and daddy, so it’s time to meet her already!!!

She’s weighing in somewhere between 7.0-7.5 pounds and close to an astonishing 20” in length! Jellybean is as long as a leek. Um, okay. Not sure what that is, but dag… that is one long veggie!

When I was born 35 years ago, I was 7 pounds and 11 ounces. If my ‘guess’ of Monday, March 5th, is correct… she’ll be pretty close! 

Our daughter has a firm grasp… fully functioning limbs… finger and toe nails… matured organs… hair… fingerprints… coordination… and everything she needs to be a healthy, happy newborn! Now, time for the waiting game. 

Jellybean and mommy’s bodies are both adding the final touches before meeting each other. After reading the details; remarkable. I’ll never stop being in awe of the miracle of conception, growing within, and birth. I mean, WOW! How a newborn comes to be should be enough to make any non-believer know that no ridiculous big bang theory could produce the details of what it takes to form a baby. Anywho…

Melissa is basically miserable. I won’t sugarcoat it. Back pains… leg and ankle pains… heartburn… sinuses a mess… fatigue… every possible end-of-the-pregnancy symptom has hit. Even many “TMI” changes that I won’t gross you out with. :) Hopefully, I’m doing all that I can - in her eyes - to make her comfortable… smile… and relieved. I’m pretty confident, but only the mommy-to-be knows.  :)

Only two more, hopefully not though, updates exist. We’re in the final stretch!


As busy and busier days arrive, I tend to set computer time as NOT a priority. Since I had to teach yesterday AND I had youth group last night… blog didn’t happen. SO, Yesterday, there were exactly TWO WEEKS LEFT until jellybean’s due date!! Awesomelicious. Yeah, that’s pretty much my new word. haha 

The last few days, Melissa had been steadily having contractions every 20 minutes for large periods of hours from midday until evening. However, not a thing more consistent than such. My daughter is definitely a playful one! 

Melissa did make it out and about and even to church! Turns out jellybean likes Starbucks, even the decaf. kind. As we already knew, jellybean loves Two12’s worship band! She was shape shifting Melissa’s belly all over the place throughout worship. Good stuff!! Then, it was home and bed as she was exhausted.


Today, 13 days remain as March arrives! I’m SO HAPPY March is here. Not only is that our daughter’s birth month… but Spring shall soon be here AND Melissa’s birthday is near the end of the month. So, March is a wonderful month! 

Melissa is getting pretty beyond uncomfortable anymore. Her lower back is giving her fits and her lower legs/ankles are swelling more often. Yuck. Also, the bump and her body in general just hurts! Kind of stinks that not all aspects of pregnancy are wonderful. Then again, think about it? A human being is created within a women… some of it has to be at least a little difficult; right? 

By the time the weekend ends, we’ll be in single digits. Wow!! A few weeks back, I picked our daughter to arrive on Monday, March 5th. I still have a feeling I’m going to be right. Time will tell. 


Forgot to post the last two bump updates.

On the left, Week 36. On the right, Week 37. By March 1st, we’ll have Week 38 up too. May be her last pregnancy photo. :) :) 


We’re almost at only two weeks remaining until jellybean’s official due date. However, I have a ‘funny feeling’ that my countdown is going to end quite sooner than originally expected. 

Off and on today… especially this evening… Melissa is switching from the braxton hicks type of contractions to what we believe are the real thing. 

They were a steady 20-25 minutes apart for most of the day and even came as close as 11 minutes. Although, my beautiful and gorgeous wifey is resting peacefully in the confines of our bed as I type this. So, we’re getting closer to jellybean’s arrival… but still may be a few days.

We did call the OB tonight just in case and he, Dr. Orndorf, wasn’t too, too worried about the signs and TMI info we shared with him. He wants us somewhere between 5-7 minutes apart before making the 30-minute venture to Chambersburg Hospital.

Melissa arrives at 38 weeks tomorrow. Our 13th prenatal visit is Thursday.

I can’t seem to get over the beautiful miracle of knowing their is a full grown infant residing in Melissa’s belly. At times, it really does show we only use between 8-12% of our brain’s potential. Some aspects of life are impossible to truly understand. :) 

Classic. As much as I appreciate everything Melissa has done as in housing our baby&#8230; I couldn&#8217;t handle what she has related to pregnancy in&#8217;s and out&#8217;s. I&#8217;m relieved to sit back, for the most part, and watch God work his miracle within the confines of Melissa&#8217;s belly bump. 

Classic. As much as I appreciate everything Melissa has done as in housing our baby… I couldn’t handle what she has related to pregnancy in’s and out’s. I’m relieved to sit back, for the most part, and watch God work his miracle within the confines of Melissa’s belly bump. 


Between the year 2000 and 2050, around 114 million babies will be born. 

An American baby, on the average, will soil around 4,100 diapers before the miracle of potty training occurs. 

From birth to the age of 18, children (from middle income families) will consume around $35,000 worth of food.

Between housing, food, clothing, education, healthcare, transportation and the necessities of life; you will spend between $150,000-$200,000 (middle income) from birth to 18 years of age (not including college expenses). Maybe I need to pick up a 3rd job?


We’re down to 16 days, folks. Melissa informs me today - by the way she feels and some little signs - that it shouldn’t be more than a week. Time will tell!

Melissa remains quite active at work… and on the home front. So, I’m sure the exercise is helping!

As I spend more days subbing at local elementary schools… I learn more and more of how important the environment of where a child raised is to a child’s education and development. With nearly 20 years of off and on jobs which revolved around children; I feel quite prepared.

Jellybean, please arrive soon. We have many years of spoiling, nurturing, and playtime to make up for! 


This is why I cannot wait to be a dad of a daughter in less than 17 days. :)